Childcare & Early Years

Focusing on childcare and early years, we are showcasing what careers in childcare look like, and how people can develop themselves into early years professionals. We speak to apprentices, nursery centre directors and our recruitment team to truly understand the role of childcare apprentices.

Pre-recorded videos

Introduction to BBE&T

A welcome message from Clare Phizacklea and Anthony Bromirski, outlining who we are, what we offer and what this week is all about.

Explaining Childcare

Nursery Manager Michaela Leigh, provides a detailed explanation of what a career in childcare involves.

Childcare Careers

Recruitment Officer, Kelly Hill, explains the long-term career options for apprentices joining the sector.

A day in the life of an Apprentice

Focusing on Leicester Meridian apprentice, Jess Jarvis, and documenting their typical routine.

VLA Tour

An introduction to our online training courses and the Virtual Learning Academy.

Early Years Training Bundle

The launch of our VLA online course package for childcare professionals.

Other Resources

Refresh Bottle Knowledge
Understanding Off-the-Job (Learners)
Gain an understanding of how OTJ hours are made up and used.

Early Years Training Bundle
Explaining more about the launch of our VLA online course package for childcare professionals.

Childcare Apprenticeship Career Pathway
Download a typical career pathway to find out where your qualifications could take you.

Scottish Childcare Apprenticeships: Explained
Our team explain everything you need to know about Scottish Childcare Apprenticeships.

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