Employer & Learner Support

Focusing on Employer and Learner support, we are discussing the funding options employers have when hiring an apprentice, how we support employers and learners to get the most out of apprenticeships, and how Cognassist offers tools to learners with additional needs.

Pre-recorded videos

Neurodiversity Experiences

Our Catering Development Coach, Simon Hart, speaks to us in-depth about the catering qualifications and how his dyslexia has helped him overcome barriers in the workplace.

Apprenticeship Vacancies

An update on current vacancies.

VLA Tour

An introduction to our online training courses and the Virtual Learning Academy.

Other Resources

Refresh Bottle Knowledge
How we can Support You
Download this guide to discover how we support your business to make the right decisions on upskilling or adding to your workforce.

Cross-Team Meetings and our Learners
A detailed explanation of how we approach and plan to support learners

How Apprentices add Value to your Business
The value apprenticeships have for businesses and for building long, rewarding and successful careers.

Understanding Off-the-Job (Employers)
Gain an understanding of how OTJ hours are made up and used.

Upskilling your Current Team
Apprenticeships aren’t just for new additions, you can upskill your current workforce which increases the quality and loyalty of your team.

External Vacancies
An introduction to some of our external clients and opportunities they currently have to offer.

Schools and Education Apprenticeship Career Pathway
Download a typical career pathway to find out where your qualifications could take you.

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