School Leaver Event

Friday 13th August

Looking to start a new challenge after leaving school? Becoming a childcare apprentice could be the first step in your career to become an Early Years Professional. If you have a passion for wanting to work in childcare, and you want to learn more about what the career entails, check out our resources below.

Other Resources

Refresh Bottle Knowledge
Interview tips
Got pre-interview nerves? Download our interview tips guide to help you conduct a successful interview.

VLA Guide
A guide to our VLA for you to download and keep, featuring additional information for managers.

CPD Explained
We explain more about CPD, the types of courses on offer and how it can benefit careers.

Understanding Off-the-Job (Learners)
Gain an understanding of how OTJ hours are made up and used.

Childcare Apprenticeship Career Pathway
Download a typical career pathway to find out where your qualifications could take you.

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