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Catering Apprenticeship at Bedford Great Denham

Catering Apprenticeship at Bedford Great Denham image

Location: Bedfordshire

Catering Apprenticeship Intermediate Level 2

Location: Bedford

Address: 90 Saxon Way, Great Denham, Bedford, Bedfordshire, MK40 4GP

Working times: Monday to Friday between 7:30 am to 6:00 pm on a rota basis

Expected Duration: 16 Months

Application Deadline: 01st September 2022

Weekly Wage: £129.00

Hours per week: 30

Apprenticeship Summary

Apprentices form a valid role within our nurseries as employed members of the staff team. This starts your progression of a career at Busy Bees, hopefully going on to fulfil senior positions within our nurseries.

This is a summary of your job with us, but as part of our team, we expect that you will undertake other reasonable duties to ensure that your nursery is always the best it can be in line with our Core Values.

As catering apprentice you will be responsible for assisting the Chef with food preparation, cooking and serving of food to children at various times throughout the day, this should be done using the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness.

·         Follow safe working practices for children and staff to comply with Busy Bees food hygiene and safety policies

·         Interact in a friendly manner with children, parents, staff and visitors to promote Busy Bees menus and health eating guidelines

·         Play a role in the education of our children’s development by promoting good hygiene standards and spending time within the rooms teaching them basic cooking skills and promoting healthy eating

·         Safeguarding children is your priority making sure all children in the setting are safe and protected from harm

·         Speak Up against practices that don’t support safeguarding or our Core Values

·         Assist the nursery chef to provide high quality, nutritious, freshly prepared meals and snacks in appropriate portion sizes and consistencies in line with food hygiene and safety regulations and Busy Bees policies

·         When required, accept deliveries and store away appropriately following correct manual handling techniques and effective stock rotation

·         Maintain hygiene standards in the kitchen, to meet internal audit requirements and ensure action points are addressed in a timely manner

·         Take responsibility for your role and aspire to Being your Best at all times

·         Demonstrate a commitment to your continued professional development

·         Comply with the company’s procedures relating to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). Through understanding the principles of storing and using cleaning materials safely and taking precautions to protect yourself and others and ensure that records are up to date and available

·         Embrace and promote our Standards of Excellence in every part of your role. Making our nurseries a great place to work, play and visit

·         Adhere to our childcare policies so all settings are consistent and delivering high quality childcare & best practice always

·            Ensure your understanding and abide by HR policies and procedures at all times


As an Apprentice, you will be working alongside qualified staff who will show you the ropes. You will be assigned a mentor to provide you with support within your nursery, helping you to complete the tasks you need so you can progress in your qualification. You will attend Learning & Development courses at our training centres, where you will be provided with knowledge to develop your personal skills and practice.

Your assessor will visit you regularly in your nursery, assessing the work you are doing, providing recognition for your progress and vital guidance on how you can improve.

Apprenticeships are an excellent way to kick start your career with Busy Bees!

If you need additional assistance please contact our intake Team on 01543 711153 or email