Lockdown – our hints and tips on how to get through


Lockdown is going to be tough. For all of us! And we're not going to lie, we've done our fair share of moaning too, so don't worry you're not alone.

But we have to remember that although we are in Lockdown for now, it won't be forever. The world is still spinning and we WILL endure this global pandemic. Just look outside at nature. The trees, flowers, birds and animals have no idea we're in Lockdown. All they know is that Spring has sprung, the sun is out, and the air is that little bit fresher.

When you come out the other side, it's important that you've used your time in Lockdown wisely. It's important to keep yourself motivated with jobs, activities and finding ways to keep in touch with friends and family.

We've put together some helpful hints and tips to keep you busy while you're stuck at home. If you're one of our existing apprentices, being more motivated will help you to complete any work you've been set as part of your apprenticeship. It will also give you the structure to carry out your online learning with your development coach.

Your Busy Bees guide to getting through Lockdown

Set some time aside with no distractions

Give yourself some time to yourself. Maybe you fancy trying something like meditation . There are free Apps on your smartphone that can help you to meditate, relax and focus your mind.

Eat well and keep hydrated

It's so important to eat well and keep hydrated while you're stuck at home. If you're not in your normal routine, it can be easy to forget to eat healthy meals at regular intervals. It's so easy to fall into the pattern of unhealthy snacks and binge eating at the end of the day. Eating a healthy balanced diet and drinking lots of water does help us to feel better and function properly.

Stand outside in your garden and soak up the sun

If you have a garden, then use it! Being outside, particularly on beautiful Spring days can be so rewarding. Not only does it feel different to breath in some fresh air, it's also a change of scenery. There are so many physical and mental health benefits to being outside in the sunshine, as long as you do it safely and for appropriate periods of time.

Try and keep active

There are so many ways you can still keep active during Lockdown. Don't forget the current Government advice (March 25th) is to take a walk once a day for exercise. So get outside and take that walk while you can, as the advice could change. However inside the house, there are lots of FREE exercise classes online available to everyone. Joe Wicks AKA the Body Coach is doing some great stuff for families stuck at home - his daily live PE lessons are good for anyone, and quite a challenge if you're up for it. There is also a lot of online Yoga and Pilates, delivered both locally and globally. Or..you could just put on your favourite song and dance around in your kitchen!

Sort out cupboards

Whether it's your wardrobe or the kitchen cupboards, there is something rewarding about sorting out a cupboard. It's something we don't normally have time to do, but during a Lockdown - we're free as a bird! The things you find are always surprising - you will ask yourself why you ever bought that one vanilla pod, or the tin of semolina!

Be creative and draw pictures or paint pictures

When we're kids, we're always drawing or painting pictures. So why should we stop as we get a bit older? Doodle away and create something special during Lockdown. You could even paint a picture or rainbow and put it in your window for children to look out for on their walks.

Keep your mind active - complete modules on your programme - or even just finish a jigsaw

It's so easy to sit mindlessly in front of the TV. But keeping our minds active is so important during Lockdown. Maybe there's a book you've been meaning to read? Well read it! Or is there a jigsaw gathering dust that you said you'd do as a family six Christmases ago, and it's still at the bottom of your wardrobe. Well do it! Or if you're a current apprentice, keep dipping in and out of your work and make sure you finish the modules on your programme. Use the time wisely.

Open windows to let fresh air into your house or flat

Fresh air can't harm you. You won't catch anything by opening the window to your house or flat, or the back door if you're lucky enough to have an outdoor space. At the end of winter there's something refreshing about having a window open and it's a luxury we can all afford at this time.

Talk online with family and friends

Whether you use Facetime, Zoom or Skype there are lots of ways to keep in touch with your family and friends during Lockdown. You don't have to miss seeing them, because you can talk to them and see their faces any time you like. And it doesn't matter where they are! Perhaps it's time to get back in touch with old friends who have moved away? Some people are even using programmes like Zoom to host pub quizzes and group parties. It's a different way of socialising, but thanks to technology it is possible.

And don't forget..

If you are an existing apprentice, your Development Coach is still there to support you. They might be working remotely from home, but they are available to you if you need them. So if you're struggling or need someone to talk to, give them a call or drop them an email.

We're all in this together and while Lockdown is in place, we don't have much of a choice. But as you can see from our hints and tips above, there's still lots you can do!

So Stay Home, Stay Safe and support our NHS and all those fantastic key workers out there keeping the country moving. If you are concerned about symptoms or what to look for, visit the NHS website and check out their advice.