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We are delighted you have chosen us to support your learners throughout their learning journey. This page is designed to provide you with an Employers toolkit, to discuss supporting neurodiversity in the workplace and to underpin how our mission and values can support you and your employees.

The program your learners are undertaking is designed to work with their existing role and responsibilities at work. Under the supervision and guidance of their development coach, the learners are responsible for leading their qualification and meeting the requirements of the standard they are working toward. It is also the role of the employer to support them to have the opportunities to develop their knowledge, Skills, and behaviours.

All learners are provided with a OneFile E-Portfolio, this allows them to gain evidence by partaking in observations of practice within the working environment, completing written assignments or theory work, attending teaching, and learning sessions, building on their current Knowledge skills and behaviours, working toward Maths and English and sitting functional skills exams where required, participating in regular progress reviews, recording your off the job hours and progressing through to complete their EPA assessments. As the employer, you too will have access to OneFile to allow you to monitor and support the learner within with learning journey. You will also be asked to take part in progress reviews and to share feedback on the development of the learner.

As the learner’s employer, it is essential to be committed to full support your learners to achieve success. The development coach is the person who will be on hand to guide and support the learner throughout the duration of the course, and while they will be the main point of contact, we have included a directory within this toolkit with other useful staff contacts.

We look forward to working with you to support your learner.

The Busy Bees Team

The Employer Tool Kit

Explore our dedicated employer's toolkit created with you in mind.


How to support neurodiverse employees

Busy Bees Education and Training are committed to equal rights and supporting employers to break down barriers and empower neurodiverse thinkers in the workplace. We're constantly striving to understand what more we can do to support neurodiverse people. Busy Bees are committed to supporting neurodiversity in our learners and we encourage our partners in learning to do the same.

Roughly 1 in 7 people in the UK are neurodiverse. Too many individuals never get a chance to understand how they think and learn, potentially never receiving the right support or receiving it far too late. 

The increasing awareness of neurodiversity has helped many of us stand up for ourselves and exercise our rights to fair and equal treatment. Embracing neurodiversity has so many benefits, and it can be transformative for individuals and organisations to create a working environment that nurtures diverse talent. This handbook aims to give guidance on how to support your neurodiverse employees and give you an insight into what it means to think differently.

Workplace adjustments to support neurodiversity

If there’s one thing a deliverable neuro-inclusion strategy can’t live without, it’s practical support; steps that reduce challenges and promote an inclusive workplace.

Organisations will stagnate if they don’t promote wider cognitive diversity within teams and will limit their innovation and creativity.

An adaptive working environment needs to take an individualised approach that utilises employees’ individual strengths and acknowledges areas of development. This approach also helps normalise our differences and create compassion for neurodiverse employees who may have more specific support needs.

Employers must invest in their people if they hope to retain diverse talent and this guide of 27 workplace adjustments you can make to support neurodiversity we break down how you can implement these adjustments to have a big impact on your employees' day-to-day lives.

Our Core Values

Our values and mission are just part of the reason we’ve featured as a Top Apprenticeship Employer and proud holders of the Queens Award for Enterprise.


We are committed to developing and empowering world-class professionals. This vision is achieved by delivering high-quality education and training that inspires all learners to their destination to success.


Driven by our core values of being accountable, operating with integrity, and remaining motivational, our experienced and certified training professionals will support you every step of the way, so that we can aim higher together.

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We take full and complete responsibility for the quality of our courses.

That’s why we ensure they are engaging, easy to understand, and flexible. We are passionate about providing world-class professionals with the tools they need to succeed, and so all courses are written by industry experts who deliver best-practice guidance and training.

We operate ethically, reliably, and honestly, as integrity is fundamental to our culture.

It allows us to focus on what’s important as we do our best for those we work with and for, including employees, learners, and stakeholders. It’s also why our training is flexible and why we’re so transparent about what you can expect when choosing us as your training provider.

Our courses are flexible and delivered by industry experts.

We believe learning should be exciting and this belief builds the foundations for every training course and apprenticeship we offer.