School Leavers

We have years of experience helping school leavers manage their transition into the workplace, with rewarding qualifications that will give you the tools to unleash your potential and work towards a successful and fulfilling career.

Our team of experienced certified training professionals will support you on your journey every step of the way.

Can I become an apprentice at 16? 

Choosing an apprenticeship at 16 can fast-track your career. If you have a specific industry sector in mind, an apprenticeship can give you the opportunity to learn about the job you're interested in, get paid and in most cases receive paid employment at the end of your training. 

What GCSES do I need to be an apprentice? 

There are two types of apprenticeships you can choose, intermediate apprenticeships or advanced apprenticeships. intermediate apprenticeships are more suited to school leavers, as they often require less qualifications for entry, and allow you to take functional skills exams if you don't already have your maths or english GCSEs.

How much will I earn as an apprentice? 

Within the first year of your apprenticeship, an apprentice's minimum wage is £4.81ph, going up to the National Minimum Wage after the 1st year of your apprenticeship.

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