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Safeguarding Matters

Our aim is to raise awareness of current safeguarding trends and themes and help you to keep yourself safe. The attached Safeguarding Matters information leaflet provides links for support, contact details for the relevant safeguarding team here at Busy Bees Education and Training and to help you report any concerns that you may have, or to guide you to the correct support networks. 

The Safeguarding Matters information leaflet provides information on the following subjects:

Please note: The information provided in the leaflet is correct and up to date as of September 2023.

Stay Safe Online

Stay Safe Online

Keep it Private

When on the internet you must keep your personal details private. Otherwise, others online could find them and use the information. Your password should be:

  • Easy to remember but hard for others to guess
  • Changed regularly
  • Different for every account
  • A mixture of letters, numbers and special characters

NEVER share your password with anyone!

TIP: To create a strong password, combine three random words that have a meaning to you.

Keep personal details private. Personal information includes:

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Age
  • Bank Details

NEVER post or share your personal information online.

BEWARE of Identity Theft

Criminals online may try to get your information so that they can pretend to be you. This is called identity theft. To stop this remember to:

  • Never share things with strangers
  • Only talk to people you know
  • Keep your information private.

Your Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is information about a person that exists on the internet. Your digital footprint shapes your online reputation.

Following Digital footprint

It’s important to consider the impact of what we create, post or share online. Your online activity can often be seen beyond your intended audience and could include future employers.

  • Could anyone feel insulted by my post?
  • Am I portraying myself positively
  • Who can see my posts
  • Am I posting when feeling angry or upset.

Why don’t you check your own Digital footprint by doing a simple web search of your name?

Social Media Safety 

Do's and Don't of Social Media safety.

Social Media Safety

Live Streaming

Live streaming is when two or more people have live video conversations on social media or online streaming platforms.

This can be dangerous because strangers may target sites such as snap chat, Facebook live, to groom or abuse.

Make use of the privacy settings on all of your social media accounts so only people you know can join your Live Streams or view them.

The above information is available to view, download and print here in a handy Stay Safe Online PDF.