Revising for your mocks - need some help?


Revising for your mocks could be daunting - but don't let it be! 

We have a useful guide below, which aims to help you when you're revising for your mocks. 

At this time of year, you will be revising for your mocks - and if you're not, it's about time you got started! 

Your mock exams give you the opportunity to see how you get on with an exam environment, coping with time pressures and retaining the information you have learned over the past two years.

Revising for your mocks doesn't have to be a stressful time, if you plan it well. Have a look below at our five top tips. See what you think and what methods might work for you:

Know what you need to revise

It may sound obvious, but it's important to know which topics you are covering for each subject. You could use your exam board specifications as a revision guide, or ask your teacher for a set list of topics to focus on.

Make sure you mix it up! 

When you're revising for your mocks, don't just sit there reading notes. You need to find different and interesting ways to remember your facts and figures. Maybe use flash cards for your languages? Do a mind map for history and Maths, or maybe create a Whatsapp quiz for friends on English literature. Using fun and different methods could help you to recall the information a lot easier under exam conditions.

Watch videos online

There are some great revision guides and video resources online. For example BBC Bitesize has some fantastic resources available for each subject. There's also video guides on past exam papers, which can be really useful, There's a seven day free trial here that might be worth a try!

Keep your mind and body active!

It is really important when you're revising to move and keep active. You don't need to sit down all day reading notes. Get yourself outside! Walk the dog, go to the gym, have a kick around with your friends, get on your bike and pop to the shops. Whatever you choose to do, getting outside and keeping active is really important. Exercise is great for us, but it is also proven to stimulate our brains, improve our memory and tackle stress and anxiety. Need we say more?

Reward yourself

We all need an incentive in order to do well every now and again. Passing your exams in the long term, might not be enough of an incentive for you. If this is the case, why not promise yourself little treats or snacks to get you through the day. Maybe if you get through two subjects in a morning, you could promise yourself an afternoon out with your friends. Or even just the promise of your favourite chocolate bar at the end of a tough day's revision, might be enough to see you through. We all have different things that work for us, so have a think about what your top treats would be. 

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