Scottish Apprenticeship Week - Meet our Development Coaches


As we are celebrating Scottish Apprenticeship Week, we wanted to introduce our wonderful Development Coaches who support our Scottish learners on a daily basis, ensuring they deliver the highest quality training.

We recently got the chance to talk to Caroline Black and Melissa Carr, on why they chose their career, what drives them, and what they enjoy most about working for Busy Bees Education and Training.

How did you get into your role as a Development Coach?

Caroline - I had been a Nursery Manager for about 4 years when I decided that I would like to go into an Assessor role as I had been helping my staff with their learning for a number of years.

Melissa - Having completed my own apprenticeship in 2006 with a training provider, I decided after having a positive experience I would also like to have the opportunity to provide the same experience for new learners beginning their career in Early Years. I applied for the trainee assessor role within Busy Bees Training and began my role in February 2018 and completed my assessor’s award.

What do you find rewarding about being a Development Coach?

Caroline - I enjoy being able to develop a young person or mature learner and helping them to gain their qualification, it’s especially rewarding with the learners who lack confidence at the start, but really come out of their shell by the end.

Melissa - I find it rewarding to see learners succeed in their learning after being apprehensive at the beginning of their apprenticeship. Some learners are returning to learning after many years and to see them achieve their qualification is amazing.

What challenges do you face in your role?

Caroline - Recruitment is an issue in some areas, it’s also sometimes difficult to manage a learner's needs as the needs of the employer change. It’s sometimes difficult to adapt and be flexible to meet their needs. 

Melissa - The challenges we face are keeping our knowledge up to date in an ever-changing learning environment. To continue to embed Scotland’s vision for Early Years and Childcare we have to ensure all of our learners are following the latest best practice guidance and provide quality education and care to all children. 

How does your team support you?

Caroline - My team are motivating and encouraging. I can get guidance if needed and we are there for each other, offering support when needed. I love my team!

Melissa - We have an amazing team working with our Scottish apprentices, teamwork is the key to our success. Lyndsey Herdman, Catherine Foster, Caroline Black and I have open communication and ongoing support for each other and this is definitely our strength as a team. Over the past 12 months, we have worked hard on the apprenticeships in Scotland and succeed in further growth for our next contract year. 

Working alongside our other Scotland Development coach, Caroline Black is wonderful and her wealth of knowledge has allowed me to learn more and become more confident thus impacting on the learners' experiences.

What are you most passionate about in your job?

Caroline - Watching the learners grow in confidence and meet their goals. Knowing you have helped them to feel good about themselves is really rewarding. Being with the learner from the start to the end. Seeing them succeed, when they wanted to give up is fantastic.

Melissa - I am most passionate about the learning which has taking place for the learner and seeing this impact on the nursery and children’s learning.  

Thanks to Caroline and Melissa for taking time to talk to us! To find out more about Scottish Apprenticeship Week click here.