Supporting Neurodiversity in our learners


Neurodiversity is a concept that’s been around for a while. In a nutshell, it means that brain differences are just that: differences. So conditions like ADHD and Autism aren’t “abnormal.” They’re simply variations of the human brain. It's important that young people who are found to have Special Educational Needs (SEN) are supported by focusing on the positive learning differences, talents and strengths each individual has – no matter what they need.

Busy Bees Education and Training are supporting Autism Awareness Week as we believe there should be no limit to an individuals learning journey. Where there is drive, passion and a willingness to succeed alongside an appropriate learning environment, individualised reasonable adjustments, a strong support system and learning programmes tailored to support individuals of all academic levels, the possibilities are endless. 

Support is offered to our learners in a variety of methods depending on their individual needs and requirements. Our learner support system is robust, utilising cross-team working and co-productive agreements to imbed reasonable adjustments into accessing learning, supporting progress, development and achievement. 

One way we are able to help our learners from the very beginning is by offering a short assessment helping detect any areas that might need attention and support - this way we are able to construct the way their qualification is delivered, giving them the best chances of success. Below are a few quotes and testimonials which demonstrate how we support and are supported by this system.

"Our partnership with Cognassist is providing our learners with the right support from day one in regard to any identified additional needs and hidden learning needs. This short online assessment gives learners a personalised profile with bespoke learning strategies to assist them with their qualification and everyday life.

Our learners are feeding back that they are using these enjoyable short tasks to develop new skills and techniques to assist them in their learning journey."  

    Susan Hyatt Head of Quality at Busy Bees Education and Training

"After studying the learner’s assessment report and discussing this with them, it has enabled me to adapt my practice to meet their individual needs immediately and understand what methods will offer the best outcomes and enable the learner to have the best experience possible, without Cognassist it would take longer to understand a learners needs fully.

When discussing strategies with our learners, their responses are very positive about what has been learned and how they are going to implement this within their work, apprenticeship and everyday life, supporting them with the challenges they face.  I have found that watching the videos I have been able to have a deeper understanding of how I can support the learner through their apprenticeship and meet their needs."

    Emma Ashbridge Development Coach at Busy Bees Education and Training

"Through using Cognassist it has shown me the different challenges that may arise in a workplace and how as a team following all the same strategies we can all work together; we can avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in the setting.

I choose to engage with Cognassist because it supports me alongside my learning, gives me ideas on what I can do to get the most out of it. It helps to improve myself as a professional, always being open to learn something new and reflect on strategies I may not be confident about.

The strategies provided by Cognassist helps me to reflect on what I do regarding my work, my learning and my daily life. Thinking how I can improve the way I work to get the best out of everything and changing the way I learn, so that I can think of new perspectives. Since starting this I feel that I am always thinking of ways to improve as a person professionally and personally."

    Catherine Forsdyke Early Years Educator Level 3 at Sevenoaks

"I felt that the assessment itself was very helpful, as each section was different and it took place over a short period of time, which suits my learning style. It was direct and to point, to allow me to get the best results. I was glad when I got matches, as I can get the extra support in areas needed, but it also showed my progression in other areas of learning where I did not match and thought I would have. Each of the strategies are short and sweet, which means I can take in the information and then revisit them when needed. I also engage more with Cognassist as it is developing my skills in an interactive way. Since engaging with Cognassist and getting the support I need from my setting and Gemma my Development Coach, I can develop my confidence not only as a practitioner but also in my home life."

    Lucy Eyers Children and Young People's Workforce Level 3 at Norwich Thorpe

"Since using Cognassist it has allowed me to adapt my practice based on the needs of the individual learner. When the learners complete the Cognassist assessment it allows me as their development coach to understand more about how the learners think and learn, this has therefore allowed me to support them through their learning in an effective manner. The strategies are short and interactive so they can gain the information and skills in an easy way, also some of the learners like to revisit the strategies to ensure that they are fully confident in the new skills they have developed. Since completing the training with Cognassist I have been able to develop my skills and knowledge. I have been able to understand how cognitive impairments can impact a learner’s ability to learn and how everyone processes the information differently as it will link with the 8 domains of the brain."

    Gemma Green Development Coach at Busy Bees Education and Training

"It is wonderful to see our Development Coaches utilising Cognassist, adapting and individualising teaching and assessment for neurodiverse learners. By being aware of challenges learners may face at the very beginning of learning enables us to support them to learn, progress and develop, impacting their future and achieving their learning ambitions."

    Sam Slack Education & Quality Manager and SENCO at Busy Bees Education and Training

Cognassist’s simple to use assessment can be completed online in under 30 minutes. Developed in conjunction with experts in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive psychology, the Cognassist tool is designed to identify neurodiversity in the 8 domains of thinking and learning. Using the assessment, we can understand more about how you think and then deliver the right learning resources at the right time. This helps you develop new ways of coping and supports you at work, in your education and in your personal life.

To find out more about Cognassist you can download the leaflet for learners by clicking here - Alternatively, you can visit their website