Virtual Interview - Top Tips


For many of us, the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Crisis has completely changed the way we work - and has had a major impact on the way employees are recruited. Preparing for an interview is still a nervy and tricky time, but having online 'virtual' interviews instead of face-to-face is giving some people a completely new set of challenges.

To try and support you with the new routine, we've put together a set of top tips to help prepare you for your virtual interview - whether you are looking to start an apprenticeship or seeking employment in any sector, hopefully these suggestions can help you ace the online call.

  1. Make sure you test your technology, ensure that your devices are plugged in or fully charged and that the sound and cameras are working. Make sure whatever email or username you are using for the interview, is professional

  2. Check that the link and login details you have been provided work correctly and then ensure you log into the interview early - there’s nothing worse than being late!
  3. Make sure that your setup is ready, that the space you are going to appear in is clean and tidy, if you are struggling to find a suitable place at home, try a pre-made background.

  4. Turn off all possible distractions, the TV, radio and your Alexa as well as making sure you phone is either on silent or also turned off.

  5. Sit up in your chair and make sure you have plenty of eye contact – you need to be actively listening and showing interest.

  6. Dress appropriately for the interview - if you are unsure what to wear, dress how you think you would have to for the job you are interviewing for.

  7. If you have notes and questions that you might refer to, have them written on post-its around your screen, so you remain looking up and forward, rather than keep looking down.

Good luck for your interview!!