Health and safety (e-Learning)

From £17.50 +VAT
eLearning eLearning
Course duration: Typically 1 hour
eLearning eLearning

This course will develop your role in promoting Health and Safety and increase your awareness of your own responsibilities and those of others regarding health and safety in your workplace environment.

It will cover legislation on health and safety and your legal responsibility including how to report any known health and safety hazards that might affect you or others.

Key Topics

  • Understand risk assessment
  • Move and assist safely
  • Understand procedures for responding to accidents and sudden illness
  • Understand medication and healthcare tasks
  • Handle hazardous substances
  • Promote fire safety
  • Work securely
  • Manage stress
This course is included in the care certificate which can be found here.

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From £17.50 +VAT
eLearning eLearning
Course duration: Typically 1 hour