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An Introduction to Promoting Positive Behaviour (e-Learning course)

eLearning eLearning
Course duration: Typically 1 hour
eLearning eLearning

This course is for you if your wanting to understand the principles of behaviour management and unpick and understand the complexity of behaviour including the impact of practitioner behaviour & attitudes on children’s behaviour.  

It will inspire you to learn and explore different strategies to support children who are struggling to manage their feeling, emotions, and actions, removing the barriers, and promoting individual needs and support. 

Key topics

  • What is meant by the terms "Challenging Behaviour" and "Promoting Positive Behaviour"
  • How children display challenging behaviour
  • The causes of challenging behaviour
  • The effect of transitions on a child's behaviour
  • The role of the practitioner in Promoting Positive Behaviour
  • Building partnerships with parents
  • Strategies to support practitioners and parents
  • The links to British Values

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eLearning eLearning
Course duration: Typically 1 hour