County Lines (e-Learning)

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Course duration: Typically 1 hour
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This course will help develop your awareness of what county lines is, who is most at risk and identify the signs of a person who maybe involved. This can help enable you to support children and families and make any necessary referrals.

The term ‘county lines’ is becoming more widely recognised and used to describe situations where young people may be trafficked for the purpose of criminal exploitation.

What is often less understood is the experiences a young person faces and the potential for them to be harmed through various forms of abuse and exploitation as a result.  Once caught up in county lines, exploited individuals are at risk of extreme physical and/or sexual violence, gang recriminations and trafficking.

Key Topics

  • What the term "County Lines" means

  • The risks County Lines pose to children

  • Which children are most at risk
  • Identifying signs of child criminal exploitation

  • The process of grooming

  • Roles and levels of authority in gangs

  • The impact of social media

  • Key phrases and terminology

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From £17.50 +VAT
eLearning eLearning
Course duration: Typically 1 hour