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Introduction to Supporting Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing (Live Session)

eLearning Screen to Screen
Course duration: 3 Hours
eLearning Screen to Screen

What will I learn?

This course is designed to help you promote positive mental health and foster an environment where mental health is recognised as part of your safeguarding policy in supporting children and their well-being. This course will develop your skills, knowledge and understanding of positive mental health and support you to recognise when children and young people are experiencing mental ill health concerns.

Key Topics:

• Recognising mental health as an area of safeguarding for children and young people

• Understanding that mental health problems can start early in life, even if they don’t present any symptoms initially

• Recognise the signs and behaviours that could point to a child or young person needing support to maintain their mental well-being

• Learning about how attachment, relationships and brain development can be a contributing factor in children and young people’s mental well-being

• Learn how to develop strategies that will help children and young people build resilience. You will also gain knowledge and understanding of how environmental factors can have a positive or negative affect on children and young people’s lives

• Develop knowledge and skills to support parents and carers in recognising if or when a child is in need, supporting families through signposting them to further support and help.

Who should attend this course?

All staff and parents who work with children and  young people.

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