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Blended Paediatric First Aid

eLearning Blended Learning
Course duration: 6 hours online and 6 hours face to face
eLearning Blended Learning

What will I learn?

You will learn the role and responsibilities of a Paediatric First Aider. This course is designed to be completed partially online using e-resources and partially in a classroom setting. We also offer a course that provides the complete classroom approach.

Key Topics:

• Principles and priorities of first aid  and how to deal with an emergency  and casualty assessment

• Recovery position and resuscitation

• Choking and other breathing disorders

• Anaphylactic shock

• Auto injector pen training

• Treatment and control of bleeding

• Nose, ear and eye injuries

• Recognise how to deal with shock

• Head injuries

• Fractures, dislocations and soft  tissue injuries

• Burns and scalds

• Poisoning

• Bites and Stings

• Febrile convulsions, seizures

• Diabetes

• Meningitis and sudden illness

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