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Mental Health in the Workplace (Full Day) (Live Session)

From £110.00 +VAT
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Course duration: 7 Hours
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This supporting mental health in the workplace course will help managers recognise when a staff member may need support and what they can do to help them. Managers will gain an understanding of common mental health illnesses and be given the confidence to promote mental health awareness. The course also gives managers the ability to spot signs of mental ill health and to develop the skills to support positive wellbeing for themselves and others. We also run a half day live session Mental Health Awareness Course.

What will I learn on a Mental Health in the Workplace Course?

We all know that being under pressure at work for short periods is normal and may even help overall performance. But too much pressure over a prolonged period (whether that pressure comes from home or work stresses, or a combination of both) and employees will start to feel unable to cope. Poor mental health is now the number one reason for staff absence and our own EAP life works data tells us that the top 3 most reasons our staff have accessed the programme are:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Stress

By implementing a Mental Health training programme we can ensure we have a stronger focus on stress and common Mental Health illnesses, provide managers with a robust mental health action plan to help those in crisis or who need Information, and to also show how we promote Mental Health and Well-being in our workplace’s and provide Information on self-help and well-being to aid prevention.

What Key Topics are covered during the Mental Health in the Workplace course?

  • Recognising possible signs and symptoms of a person that has mental ill-health
  • Understanding Mental Health and its stigma
  • Using a Mental Health Action Plan to help those in crisis or need
  • Finding external professional help and guidance
  • The law in relation to mental health and the workplace
  • Best Practice in the workplace e.g. when helping someone to stay in work or return to work

Who should attend this course?

This first aid course is suitable for anyone who has Line Manager responsibility or wants to increase their awareness of Mental Health and how to support and manage it in the workplace.

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21st March 2024
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Session times:
21st March 2024
Thursday 09:30 - 12:30
From £110.00 +VAT

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