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New Year, New Career



At Busy Bees, we have a selection of apprenticeships available, across a diverse range of industries, allowing you to find the perfect opportunity to start the new year with a new career.

Each of our apprentices is assigned a dedicated development coach, providing invaluable assistance in teaching, observing, advising, and guiding them throughout the course. This personalised support ensures their successful completion of the apprenticeship and sets the foundation for a strong start in their new career.

Moreover, the development coach collaborates with the employer to ensure that tasks delegated to the apprentice align with their current skill level. This is particularly crucial, as apprentices may often be beginners in their roles, potentially experiencing a working environment for the first time. Ensuring alignment between the development coach and employer is key to fostering the apprentice's career growth.

Our apprenticeships include childcare apprenticeships, catering apprenticeships, health and social care apprenticeships, leadership and management apprenticeships, and business apprenticeships.

Training courses

Have you already started your journey in a career and looking to climb the ladder? As an online training provider, we offer a selection of free training courses, first aid courses, and a suite of CPD courses which can be carried out via our virtual learning academy. Our courses are facilitated by our dedicated Learning and Development and First Aid teams, who offer extensive background knowledge, qualifications, experience, and skills. They share a collective vision to deliver a rich learning experience that inspires learners to reach their full potential.

All our courses are meticulously designed to equip learners with additional skills and knowledge, fostering both career development and sector expertise.

Our training courses include care training, childcare training, hospitality training, health and safety training, IT training courses, and leadership and management courses.

Our first aid training includes first aid in the workplace, paediatric first aid training, first aid for families, mental health awareness, mental health in the workplace, infant choking first aid, and pet first aid courses.

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If you are interested in kickstarting a new career, furthering your knowledge and skills, or hiring an apprentice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can email or call 01543 711150.