CPD Explained


What is CPD?
CPD is Continued professional development. CPD enables staff access to training which enables them to have a proactive approach to enhance their personal skills and proficiency through their careers.

CPD combines different methodologies to learning, such as live sessions online, face to face training and e-learning programs all focused for an individual to improve and have effective professional development.

Why is it so important to undertake CPD training?
It allows the individual to keep their knowledge up to date and relevant. Allow your team to access CPD training provides them the opportunity to share their current skills and reflect on what they can do to open new possibilities. Research shows that trained staff are more motivated and want to make change and not stand still. Investing in training ensures that standards are consistently high, it builds company reputation as a place to work, and it is a great selling point for new recruits.

What CPD courses do we offer?
Currently we offer a range of CPD courses through our live sessions and e-learning platform (VLA). All courses are designed to inform challenge and inspire customers in the care sector. Live sessions are delivered with exceptional trainers with sector specific knowledge and experience and enables customer to ask questions and share ideas. Courses on the VLA can be accessed any time and customers can work at their own pace.

As we deliver nationwide, we do reflect the different legislation and curriculums depending on the area of country we are supporting.

How can people get the best out of online training?
Customers can get the best from online training when they set aside time to complete the course so that the content is not rushed. With our courses we have different ways that the courses are communicated, we provide subtitles, there is voice over and the courses are very interactive to engage everyone. All the courses have a brief description of what the course covers so they will ensure that the customer has purchased the right course, when they have completed the course the content is always available to be referred back to.

If it is live sessions that the customer is purchasing, then the best way to fully emerge in the experience is to engage with the trainer. No questions is a silly question, listens to others and respect each other. This will then ensure that you take away everything you wanted from the training. Remember to reflect at the end of the session of how you are going to implement new ideas and changes. 

How do workplaces recognise CPD?
Listening to the workforce and speaking to training companies on specific requirements that are needed to develop and upskill the workforce. Busy Bees Education and Training are able to support companies and provide ideas and opportunities to engage all staff at different levels. Celebrating those who have accessed training listening to what they have learnt and how this can support the company vision and mission.

Are CPD courses certified?
Our courses are recognised by CPD accreditation. This means that we have had an external company review our content delivery style to provide their stamp of approval that we are providing an excellent service. However we listen to our customers who provide feedback to ensure that we are always thinking what shall we do next what do our customers want.

How much does CPD training cost?
Our CPD training is very competitive in the market - you can find prices for each course on our website, or by following this link.

How can CPD influence career progression?
CPD helps builds confidence and credibility, it provides people the opportunity to showcase their achievements. It allows the person to understand their end goal and how CPD can support them get there. Accessing CPD will empower the individual as their knowledge will be up to date and they will not be left behind.