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Encouraging Early Reading - World Book Day 2024


World Book Day is an annual celebration of literature and reading which takes place in over 100 countries around the world. World Book Day encourages people of all ages to come together and celebrate the joy of reading, whether that be through organised events, book swaps, author signings, or simply by delving into a new story. It's a day to recognise the importance of literacy in shaping individuals, as well as to promote access to books for all. By fostering a love for reading and storytelling, World Book Day is designed to encourage lifelong learning.


With over 1 million children in the UK currently not having a single book in their home, World Book Day offers £1 books to make reading accessible for all. Long-term sponsor ‘National Book Tokens’ continues to support and work alongside publishers and booksellers to allow World Book Day to distribute over 15 million £1 book tokens across the UK nations and Ireland every year. This will be in schools, nurseries, libraries, prisons, and other charities.

Early Reading


Early reading involves introducing children to books and literacy skills from a very young age, typically before they start formal schooling. It involves exposing children to written language through storybooks, picture books, and other age-appropriate materials, as well as engaging them in activities that promote vocabulary development and comprehension skills. Early reading sets the stage for future academic success by laying a strong foundation for literacy and language.


Importantly, early reading is not just about teaching children to read, it's about fostering a genuine love for books and storytelling. By immersing children in the world of literature from an early age, we spark their imagination, expand their knowledge, and cultivate a lifelong appreciation for learning.


Early readers are better equipped to communicate effectively, think critically, and empathise with others. They develop stronger cognitive skills, including memory retention and problem-solving abilities, which serve them well throughout their academic journey and further. Ultimately, early reading empowers children to explore new ideas, express themselves creatively, and navigate the complexities of the world with confidence and curiosity.


Early reading plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of our children and by introducing them to the wonders of literature from a young age, you can lay the foundation for academic success and instil a lifelong love for learning. This World Book Day, it is crucial to inspire the youngest generation to immerse themselves in the world of books.


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