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The Power of Apprenticeships – Scottish Apprenticeship Week


Scottish Apprenticeship Week is a nationwide celebration of apprenticeships and is a time when everyone can promote the benefits of work-based learning to people, employers, and Scotland. The celebration is designed to spotlight the benefits that work-based learning brings to people of all ages and backgrounds, employers of all sizes, and Scotland’s economy.


This year’s campaign shows that apprenticeships give people high-quality opportunities and create the skills every generation needs, and every employer wants. The support you receive from an apprenticeship helps learners to achieve their full potential.


For generations, Scottish apprenticeships have powered potential, passed on skills to thrive, built businesses to prosper, energised the Scottish economy, and shaped the future generation of Scotland's skilled workforce. Employers create apprenticeship opportunities to equip individuals with the necessary skills for both present and future needs and learning providers play a crucial role in supporting apprenticeships to cultivate proficient and productive employees.


Here are some key statistics about Scottish apprenticeships:


·      There are around 12,000 apprentice employers in Scotland

·      Nearly 40,000 apprentices are in training across Scotland

·      For every £1 in public investment, the Scottish Exchequer gets £4 to £5 in return

·      Over 80% of those who completed a Modern Apprenticeship progressed to a better job


For new apprentices, Scottish Apprenticeship Week is a source of encouragement and assistance. It's a chance to meet other apprentices, mentors, employers, and training providers, to exchange stories, seek advice, and form important connections. Together, we can create a better future with the help of apprenticeships.


Scottish Apprenticeships with Busy Bees


Scottish apprenticeships share similarities with those available across the UK, yet they also feature distinct structural and delivery aspects, including varying qualifications and learning objectives.


In Scotland, the primary vocational qualifications are Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs), whereas the equivalent in England is the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ).


Furthermore, Scotland maintains its unique apprenticeship frameworks tailored to meet the specific requirements of Scottish employers and industries. These frameworks outline the content and arrangement of Scottish apprenticeships, setting them apart from those elsewhere in the UK.


At Buys Bees, we offer a range of Scottish apprenticeships including SVQ Level 3 and SVQ Level 4. For more information, please email