Boost your Digital Skills


Despite the fact that UK faces a digital skills shortage, with over 17 million people in the UK lacking essential digital skills needed for work ( FutureDotNow, 2021), less than a quarter of employees reported having received any digital skills training from their employer.

And if you work in the care sector, this may resonate with you more than most. As more of our time is spent looking at a screen while we are at work, it won’t come as a surprise to many that a study in Scotland with almost 13,000 respondents from the health and social care sector (SMCI Associates, 2014) showed that more than half would welcome training and support in using digital technology.

And with more pressure on us to produce professional, detailed reports than ever, many feel we would benefit from digital training focused on improving our digital skills.
If you or your business feel that Excel Training would aid productivity, Busy Bees Education and Training offer online Excel courses from beginners’ level 1, to intermediate level 2, all the way to advanced level 3 for those more confident in front of a spreadsheet.

The online Excel training course can be undertaken at a time and a pace that suits you, either with a group of colleagues or when you have some time to yourself. The courses cover a range of skills, dependent on the level, and are designed to take you from a beginner all the way through to becoming a spreadsheet superstar.

For our full list of Excel Training courses, course content and prices, visit our IT e-learning page here.