Careers Week 2022 - From Apprentice to COO


This week is National Careers Week, and we're highlighting some of the fantastic careers that have come from starting as an apprentice. Our Chief Operating Officer, Anthony Bromirski, spoke with us about his learning journey, and what led him to go from an apprentice in the Motor Industry, to leading and managing the operation of Busy Bees Education and Training! 

You started your career as an apprentice, what apprenticeship did you take,  why did you decide to do an apprenticeship rather than go to college or university?

As a headstrong 16 year old, I really wanted to start my working career, but also still develop my knowledge, skills and gain a recognised qualification at the same time. I was being given advice by my school to do my A-levels, but that didn’t suit my motivation and where I was in life at that time. I had (and still have) a real passion for cars and the motor industry, so I completed a level 2 and 3 apprenticeship as a motor vehicle technician and then developed into higher levels later in my career.


What support did you receive whilst on your apprenticeship

My training provider was excellent and really supported with my apprenticeship throughout. That individual support was vital to feeding my passion and ambition.


Did you carry on upskilling yourself after you’d finished your apprenticeship?

I absolutely did and continue to do so even now. I completed a mixture of formal and informal development, progressing to L4 whilst I was still in the automotive industry. I also took part in a global competition with Volvo and was only 1 of 9 competitors to score top marks out of over 1,000 technicians.


How did you end up working for a training provider? What led you down that path?

I had a real passion early in my career in developing apprentices and others, ensuring they had the right information, advice and guidance to make informed choices about their own careers and development. As part of my work with apprentices, I was approached about moving into training and snapped up the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge and to make a real difference to more than a few apprentices. I got the chance to do various teaching and assessor qualifications to go along with sector knowledge, which was great too.


Was it different seeing how apprenticeships run from the other side, working for a provider rather than being an apprentice?

It was great to see the other side of the coin and the final stage of the triangle (apprentice, employer and provider) and how all parties need to work together to make an apprenticeship successful. I also appreciated how my much my training officers supported me doing my apprenticeship.


How did being an apprentice aid your journey to be COO?

The apprenticeship gave me the grounding in the early stages of my career, but also that I could achieve anything if I put my mind to it (and with the right support)!


What led you to join the team at Busy Bees Education and Training?

I have worked in many sectors during my career in education and skills over the last 20 years, including automotive, IT, accountancy to name a few, but have a real synergy with the childcare sector and the difference we can make to children at an early age. I have completed work experience in a nursery and loved doing it, but also have massive respect to everyone who works in the sector. My values are very aligned to what we do and giving every child the best start in life. I am father to two beautiful 5 year old twin girls and can relate 100% to our vision, mission and values.


Now, you must be really busy!  Do you still invest time in to learning, how do you do this?

Absolutely and always keen to develop new skills, abilities and knowledge whether that be in work or my personal life.

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