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Exploring e-Learning, Face-to-Face, Blended and Live sessions for First Aid


What is the best style of course delivery for my needs?

These days, choosing the way you want to have a course delivered can seem as much of a decision as which subject you want to study!

So exactly what’s on offer when you’re choosing between different course types? What do terms like ‘live sessions’, ‘face-to-face’ and ‘e-learning’ mean, how do they affect the way your course is structured and why is a blended approach the best way to know your carotid pulse from your radial?

What’s an ‘e-learning’ course?

E-learning is the perfect way for us all to fit personal development and CPD around our busy lives! We can choose what we learn, when and for how long – and the great thing is, we get to put the course on pause and go and make a cup of tea whenever we want!

When you sign up to study an e-learning course, you will be enrolled as a student on the company’s learning management system, or LMS. You can think of an LMS like a school or college. As a new student, you will be sent your login details to access your online course, and you will choose a personal password to enter whenever you ‘sign in’.

The course itself may be a combination of instructional videos, fun activities designed to help embed your learning, and often an end-of-module or course quiz. Some courses will require you to repeat the quiz if necessary to achieve a pass grade. Courses should be designed to be fully assessable for all learners, with voiceover and subtitles.

An example of a standalone e-learning course is our Families First Aid workshop. When you sign up to this course, you will join our Virtual Learning Academy, otherwise known as the VLA. This online course will guide you through each section with easy-to-follow instructions and you will be able to view and download your certificate on completion.

What is a ‘face-to-face’ course?

So many courses can be completed 100% online, opening up a whole new world of educational possibilities. But sometimes we really need to see what is being taught in action – and this means learning from a real live tutor in a classroom. Not like a classroom back at school – but in a venue, such as a hotel or office, where you and your classmates for the day get to learn from an expert in an informative, fun, and hands-on way.

With so many evening classes and people advertising training, how do you decide which to choose? Always be sure to check that the person teaching you is a qualified expert in their subject. Do they belong to a widely recognised and official body which oversees the quality of their training? How much experience do they have, and can you be sure you are receiving the most up-to-date instruction?

An example of a face-to-face course is Emergency First Aid at Work. This is a one-day course led by one of our expert first aid trainers, and like all of our First Aid courses, is accredited by FAIB, a national industry body which approves, monitors and regulates first aid training across the UK.

What is a ‘blended’ course?

The combination of e-learning and face-to-face learning is referred to as a ‘blended course’. Your course blends the modules you complete online with an in-person training day, or half-day, with a professional in the field.

For example, you may like to take one of our blended First Aid courses. It is a legal requirement that someone be appointed to take charge of first aid in every UK workplace. But more importantly, becoming a trained First Aider could help you to save a life.

When it comes to key first aid skills, such as putting a casualty in the Recovery Position or knowing how to use a defibrillator, nothing beats face-to-face demonstrations and instruction. Our accredited first aid trainers help you to practice and deepen your learning – giving you the confidence to act in the event of a first aid emergency.

What is a ‘Live Session’ course?

A live session takes place online using a video conferencing service - just like when you use Teams to speak with work colleagues, or Zoom for chatting to family and friends. When you sign up for a ‘live session’ you will be sent an email invite to join the course on the allocated day and at the allocated time. The invite will include a link to click, or copy and paste into your browser.

Your live session will be led by a tutor who will appear on video in real time. The amazing thing about this style of course is, exactly like a face-to-face course, your instructor will make the class interactive and engaging with Q&As, scenario-based learning, live presentations and even break out rooms where learners are divided into smaller groups to discuss a topic.

For instance, our Mental Health Awareness live session encourages learners to explore common myths about mental health and engage in active discussions around what constitutes happiness and wellbeing.

Hopefully now you feel confident to choose exactly the right type of course to suit your training needs and preferred style of learning. If you have any questions about any of our courses – e-learning, face-to-face, blended or live sessions – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.