Michelle Bird-Rolph - Glad to Care


#GladtoCare Awareness Week is dedicated to celebrating those who work in the care sector, following an incredibly trying period for the industry.

The aim of #GladtoCare Awareness Week is to challenge the public’s perception of care, by shining a light on all of the incredible work that’s been done, and continues to be done, within the industry. This time we caught up with Michelle Bird-Rolph, an IQA with us, to find out how her career has changed over the years and why working in the care industry was always her passion.

Where do I start. So, I’ve been working in the care industry since 1995. On leaving school I knew that caring for others in some way or another was what I wanted to do and where my career was heading. That has been in a range of different sectors thorough a role in the leisure industry and caring for clients over a variety of areas to direct care from cradle to grave. Care is an important part of my life and I pride myself on being that person if I can’t care directly I can signpost and support others to provide safe care to others. As I’ve followed my career path it has now lent itself into a training role within the care industry however I am active in still picking up care calls in both Children’s and Adult Services to ensure that I am also up to date with the ever changing care industry.

Every aspect of care is rewarding to me, you could be the only person that someone sees all day so to put a smile on their face and have that recognition that you are there to make sure they are safe and well is the most rewarding part of being a carer.

The challenges that I’ve faced in the past is not having that time needed to support the person. The care industry, as I see it, shouldn’t have a time limit attached to a call, or if it does a realistic timescale and not 15 minutes. You can’t always provide what’s needed within the time given and this is a frustrating part of the industry as a person may need longer than what has been risk assessed deemed  the time a call needs.

If I was to give anyone advice on starting a career within the care sector I would say, “It will change your life and be the best thing you ever did!”.

I recently worked with a manager who has a dual role between Children’s and Adults services. Through her apprenticeship she became a Registered Manager with both Ofsted and CQC, completing two level 5 Higher apprenticeships. What an amazing achievement and a wonderful example that everyone needs care, age is not a barrier.

I’m glad to care because it makes a difference in my life and others lives.

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