Get to know...Emily Carlton


Emily Carlton has been with the company for almost 7 years now and her career has certainly seen some impressive progression! Emily explains how she started with the company, how her current role as a Development Coach works and the reasons why the first step into Childcare is the most enjoyable for her to assess.

Can you please tell us about how your career began with Busy Bees?
I first started at Busy Bees Brighton when I was 17 and I began as an unqualified L2 apprentice. After completing that I went on to complete my L3 and was promoted to assistant Room Manager and then Room Manager after I had taken on lots of added responsibilities throughout my courses and had progressed with my development. I then completed my L3 in Leadership and Management in order to continue my progression within the company and open up new opportunities. During that year I also won apprentice of the year at the BBTraining awards!

After about 3 years in the Room Manager position I was lucky enough to get the job of Development Coach and moved over to training to be able to pass on the amazing experience I had as an apprentice to others looking to start their own journeys within childcare. I have now been with Busy Bees for nearly 7 years and looking at how far I have come gives me motivation to pass this experience and the opportunities onto others!

What made you want to choose to work in the training department after working in nurseries?
I had an amazing experience as an apprentice and my assessor was so supportive and really developed me into being the best practitioner I could be. The growth I experienced from unqualified to qualified and the confidence I had at the end would never have happened if it wasn’t for her and she inspired me to pass this onto to others. I also took on the role of training mentor in the nurseries so I would help teach new staff how to complete planning and observations and being able to help them and see them understand and complete outstanding planning and observations for the children was so fulfilling. 

What do you get up to in your current role?
Within my current role as a Development Coach I have so many different aspects to my role but I mainly support learners to complete their apprenticeships though a wide range of methods that are tailored individually to each person’s learning needs, I get to go in and see them complete amazing activities with the children and I get to be part of their journey from start to end and seeing the difference in them from unqualified to qualified.  

What is the most exciting part about your role?
The most exciting part of my role is getting to complete someone that has worked so hard over their course and knowing that delivering the message that they are now qualified brings them such joy makes me happy too! I also find that when learners pass their exams that they have revised and worked hard for, getting to be the person that tells them they have passed is one of my favourite things to do!  

How do you feel your past experience working in the nurseries helps the apprentices you work with on a daily basis?
I think from being in nurseries so recently it gives me an up to date knowledge of what the apprentices are going through and how it all works, I also think that for my learners knowing that I have been through what they are going through with their course and the challenges that nurseries can have it makes me more approachable for learners to discuss any worries but also they can physically see the development and progression available as I tell them openly about my journey within Busy Bees and the opportunities that they could also have.

How do you prepare learners to work confidently and deal with difficult situations?
We have lots of discussions about any concerns they have and what the possible outcomes may be and we even role play sometimes, if a learner needs to address a difficult situation I encourage learners to practice what they want to say and I can prepare them for the type of answers that they may face. We also ensure that the learner is confident in what they are saying so if they are unsure of a policy we can look at this together so they know they are relaying the correct information. I also find giving examples of similar situations (maintaining confidentiality of course) that I have faced and the outcome of that can give them an outside perspective of the situation they are in.

If you had to pick a ‘favourite apprenticeship programme’ that you most enjoy helping your learners to complete which would it be?
I think all of them have amazing parts to them but I would say my favourite is the L2 early years practitioner because the difference in someone coming in and sometimes they have never worked with children before and seeing the difference in them, their confidence and the experiences they provide for the children at the end after 13 months is massive, and it is so rewarding to know I have been a part of that!

Thanks so much for your time Emily - its brilliant to hear about your experiences and feel your passion for education!