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Is this the start of a shift to earn while you learn?


In a recent YouGov poll of 1,660 adults, two thirds of people surveyed believed that university tuition fees of up to £9,250 a year do not provide good value for money.[i] Our CEO Fay Gibbin, believes this is part of wider signs that there is a shift in mood in the UK towards apprenticeships and earn while you learn.

Findings from the YouGov poll published in The Times in January also suggested that two in five adults believe that too many pupils go to university. This sentiment is reflected in a figure released by UCAS which shows that in Autumn 2018 there was a drop of 11,000 university applicants compared with the year prior.[ii]

Apprenticeships, on the other hand, were at their most popular at the end of the year 16/17, with 277,800 people completing an apprenticeship in England— the highest number since records began in 2002.[iii]

Fay thinks that these figures indicate that more people are realising the academic, financial and practical benefits of apprenticeships. She said: “Nothing beats the mix of hands on, practical experience and academic learning that apprenticeships offer. I think more young people are realising the value they offer to their career.

“And it’s not only people seeking higher education opportunities that are recognising the value of apprenticeships. According to a survey of decision makers in 2018[iv], 49 per cent said that they prefer to see experience from a relevant apprenticeship, whereas just 24 per cent said they would be more likely to hire someone with a relevant degree.

“I think these stats hint at a shift towards a rise in the trend for earning while you’re learning. But as a country we can still do more to ensure all young people are aware of what apprenticeships offer. The Sutton Trust found last year that two thirds of teachers don’t promote apprenticeships to children who are considered to have good grades.[v] We must ensure apprenticeships are promoted as a viable pathway.”

At BB Training we deliver apprenticeships and CPD courses to care, health and the early years sectors as well as short courses including First Aid. As an Outstanding provider, we use a mix of delivery methods to ensure all our learners individual needs are met. Each learner has their own strengths, traits and motivations so we believe it’s important to tailor their training around them.

We provide apprenticeships from Level 2 up to Level 4 and above. Our courses include Early Years-Children and Young People's Workforce, Healthcare Support Worker and Clinical Skills Qualifications.

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