Understanding the new EYFS framework 2021 (Live Session)

eLearning Screen to Screen
Course duration: 3 Hours
eLearning Screen to Screen

Following a consultation in early 2020, the DfE announced future changes to the EYFS statutory framework which will become statutory in September 2021.

This course is designed to help Managers and Practitioners to understand the key changes between the EYFS 2017 and the EYFS 2020. These changes will be mandatory for all settings, including Early Years to implement from September 2021. 

This course will help you prepare and plan to identify, understand and implement the changes, Key Topics covered:

  • Key changes from 2017 version to the new 2020 early adopters version
  • How these changes will impact your setting
  • Look at the educational programmes and the areas of learning including the aspect changes both prime and specific
  • Look at the changes to the Development Matter (non statutory document)
  • Look at the value and purpose of observations and assessment changes
  • Understand the zone of proximal development and how practitioners support this by scaffolding learning
  • Planning and the importance of this being flexible, and how to consolidate learning over time
  • How to implement the changes in your setting

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